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Complete Dispersal Sale

As of April 2017, the complete Strathbally Blonde stud is offered for dispersal.

Unfortunately, a sale of the majority of the herd to a family from NSW has been postponed indefinitely due to sudden illness, therefore as of February 2018 the top of the herd are re-offered for sale.

Go to the For Sale page for more information.

About Strathbally Blondes

Strathbally Blonde d'Aquitaine Stud is located on the Eastern Darling Downs Region of South-East Queensland. The Sullivan farming partnership purchased a Blonde bull Aruma Tornado in 1993. The resultant market response to his offspring led to the decision in 1996 to establish the Strathbally Stud.

Queensland Blonde Bull producers compete with other Euro breeds for market share. More often than not, commercial herds are at least part made up of taller Bos Indicus cattle.

Strathbally Blonde d'Aquitaines are typical of the breed standard in size. Calves are born slender and grow rapidly.

Weaner bulls showing an earlier to medium maturity pattern are fed on pasture and fodder crops, supplemented with hay and silage. Rarely are bulls fed a grain ration.


E.T. calves born in 1999 with recip mothers.

Strathbally Blonde d'Aquitaine Cattle have been sold both to commercial operations and as foundation females to several startup Blonde studs.

The progeny of Strathbally Cattle can be found in studs from North Queensland to Victoria. A son of Strathbally Zephyr, Banya Commonwealth, sold to a record high at the West Australian Supreme Bull sale.


A.I. calf Strathbally Ultima born in 1999.